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Authorized construction supervision

Supervision - engaged in the following optional coverage:

- Check the legality of existing structures in the plot
- Lawful commencement of construction
- Completeness and proper preparation of documents and reports during construction
- Execution of works according to approved projects
- Control over the conditions of safety, according to the project of construction organization
- Environmental protection during the construction progress
- The quality of input materials and construction products and their compliance with safety standards
- Prevention of damage to third persons and property due to construction
- Proper implementation of construction - work mnotazhni
- Responsible for the suitability of buildings to put them into service under Ordinance № 2/31.07.2003. for the commissioning of works in the Republic of Bulgaria and minimum warranty periods completed construction works, facilities and construction sites.
- Ensure implementation of the finished buildings;
- A sponsor during construction, if authorized to do so.
- Preparation of technical passport of the building