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Authorized construction supervision
Conformity assessment of investment projects

Preparation of comprehensive assessment reports of investment projects with significant regulatory requirements for construction, consisting of the following:
- Check the legality of existing structures in the plot;
- Checking the legality of the sketch issued visa (design) with defined way of construction issued in accordance with effective detailed development plan
- Checking the consistency of feasibility studies and conceptual design
- Verification of compliance with existing regulations for research and design and BS at the time of drafting
- Verification of the completeness and compliance of structural engineering and other calculations to meet the regulatory requirements.
- Verification of compliance with safety requirements of the project, including: nosimosposobnostpozharna safety, hygiene, environmental protection, heat and energy, labor safety during construction through detailed design for construction execution
- Checking the consistency of the project with all the specialized control bodies and enterprises operating in the type of construction
- Checking the consistency between different parts of the project
- Verify proper plant design and engineering systems
- Verification of the completeness of project documentation