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Authorized construction supervision


"EVTIMOV - CONSULT" Ltd., Burgas, located bc "Lazur" street "Ivan Bogorov" № 66, managed and represented by Mr. Todorov Zheko Evtimov.

License for conformity assessment of investment projects and construction supervision № LK-000182/04.10.2004g. Works of Sofia (extended to 28.09.2009g. valid until 04.10.2014g. and Order № RD - 02-14 - 1469/11.07.2011g. Ministry of Regional Development) for the structure types listed under Art.137, Paragraph 1 of the TDA.:

• Plants,
• electrical networks and plants
• halls
• hangars
• stores
• silos
• agricultural buildings
• industrial buildings and facilities
• residential buildings
• public buildings,
• bridges
• roads,
• blagoustroyveni sites
• water supply facilities,
• and other hydraulic structures.

The company was founded in 1994. as ET "Zheko Evtimov" with activity performing building and construction - repair.

From 09.1999g. main activity is to assess the compliance of investment projects and construction supervision for which a license issued and N SC - 59-2n/31.08.1999 by Works. In the list approved by the Works team of qualified individuals, yielded 19 specialists from different disciplines who have experience in design and construction of 20 to over 30 years, and some of them with experience and experience in construction supervision of the introduction in Bulgaria - 1999. The company has insurance - professional indemnity for:
- Consultant to assess compliance of projects izvestitsionni - liability limit of 100,000 Levs
- Construction supervisor - liability limit of 100,000 Levs
The company is building control exercised in the design and construction of over 
400 construction projects on the territory of Bourgas region from first to fourth category of TDA.

In 05.2011g. has completed purchase of ET "Zheko Evtimov" - Burgas from "EVTIMOV - CONSULT" Ltd., Burgas, as a set of rights, obligations and factual relations pursuant to Art. 15 CA.
At present "EVTIMOV - CONSULT" Ltd., Bourgas is managed and represented by Mr. Todorov Zheko Evtimov - civil engineer.

"EVTIMOV - CONSULT" LTD by contributing their services for the implementation of projects such as: "Burgas Plaza Mall", "bikeway on the street:" Dimitar Dimov "", "Playground in the complex" Sunrise "," MEDICAL CENTER Hospital - "Madzhurov and son" numerous residential and hotel complexes in the resort "Sunny Beach", St. Vlas, Pomorie, Primorsko, infrastructure projects in the Municipality of Burgas, Nessebar, Pomorie, Primorsko, Tsarevo, Sozopol, and many others.